Bairui Pet Products Limited

We are specialized in the production of pet products, such as pet garment, pet bowl, pet house , pet bed, pet bag, pet toy, pet sofa, dog collar, dog leash, dog house, dog bed, dog toy ,dog harness, cat toy, cat house ,cat tree, cat scrstch, fish works, bird cages, bird toys..., which has been exportered to many countries and regions. Samples in any material are available. With long term technical experience and professional design, the company will make unceasing innovation and keep pace with the times, so as to satisfy the customers and meet various needs of the market.

Contacter: Cindy Wu
Add: New City Plaza, Nanjing ,China
Factory: No.21 JiangNing Industrial Park


Pet Garment , Dog Clothes
Pet Bowl, Drink Bowl
Pet House
Pet Bed , Dog Bed
Pet Beg
Pet toy, Dog toy, Cat toy
Pet Sofa
Dog Collar, Pet Collar, Belt
Dog Leash, Pet Leash, Leashes
Dog Harness, Pet Harness
Cat Toy
Cat House
Cat Tree, Cat Trees, Pet Tree
Cat Scratch


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